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Publication to Be Named Later, Issue 1, coming this January

Hi there!

PTBNL here with an update: Issue 1 is officially coming mid-January.

If you've been with us from the beginning, you may notice this is a way's off from our initially planned publish date of mid-November. There are two main reasons for the delay.

1. Shit happened. A lot of it good! The first issue of PTBNL is primarily composed of former SB Nation staffers who lost their jobs during the pandemic, and many of those people found new full-time work or created self-sustaining gigs that kept them busy outside of the quarterly. We've also dealt with our own agita at the state of the world, just like everyone else. So out of respect for our sanity, we took things slower than we initially expected.

2. This issue turned out BIG, bigger and more ambitious than we imagined at the outset. The stories we received were deeper and richer than even our highest hopes, which meant we needed to dedicate more time as writers, editors and artists to make them shine.

So: Mid-January it is. Our work is nearly complete, which is why we're committing to the timeframe. It also builds in some time for us to enjoy the holidays, because hoo boy we could use it.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter at @PTBNL_Quarterly for more updates about what we are up to. And watch your emails about rewards. All Club Level backers and higher will shortly be receiving an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of one of the stories publishing in Issue 1. All Reserved Seating backers and higher will have a chance to vote on the theme of the next issue once Issue 1 is out the door.

Thank you so much for your patience. Double thank you for contributing to something so new and exciting. We can't wait for this issue to wind up in your inbox; we think you'll love it.

All the best,


Publication to Be Named Later, Issue 1 OFFICIALLY coming to you Jan. 27

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