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A statement on our masthead

It has rightfully been pointed out that the masthead for the first issue of Publication to Be Named Later is missing women of color — in particular, Black women — and non-binary representation. We are aiming to create a diverse space free of many of the issues in the media industry at large, but we failed to create the masthead we are striving for, and instead reinforced a systemic problem.

We're going to be more proactive about including marginalized voices, both in the present and in the case of future issues of PTBNL. We founded PTBNL with the intention of changing the masthead every issue so that creators of all backgrounds and across identities have a chance to contribute and lead. At the outset, we planned to recruit more contributors if we were able to raise more than our initial goal. Now, instead, we will have contributors from both the written and edit side step back to make space that should have been made for more marginalized voices from the start.

We apologize that we are only addressing this now when we could have done a better job prior to launch. You should not have had to hold us accountable, but we thank you for it.

Publication to Be Named Later, Issue 1 OFFICIALLY coming to you Jan. 27

Publication to Be Named Later, Issue 1, coming this January

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